knights bay


We are a new company comprised of a team of outstanding infrastructure mining, metallurgical, financial and environmental professionals...

Knights Bay provide professional skills throughout the technical, financial, investment and managerial aspects of the mining industry. We conduct due diligence on each project, develop a specific strategy and funding plan for each. Our services combined cover most aspects of the mining and mineral industry.


Site surveys

Project management and completion

Aerial and underground Surveys


Environmental Impact Assessments

Pre-feasibility studies

Definitive Feasibility studies

Project evaluations

ethics & compliance

Knights Bay aim for the highest standards of integrity and ethical behaviour. Developing policies and procedures to support the values of the company. These values are integrated into training to cultivate a culture of integrity that is mirrored throughout the Knights Bay business.
The team have a strong history of performance through the development of work class refining facilities and mines globally. Knights Bay support the environment where ethics and compliance are everyone's responsibility. We promote the behaviour we expect from our development teams and reinforce those values to promote a strong ethical culture.
Knights Bay is commitment to become a world leading ethical, environmental and sustainable business through performance.


Developing and maintaining a sustainable business, where the 4 pillars of mining operations namely:

Commercial success

Safety and Healthy protection of all stakeholders

Environmental protection

Social and community acceptability


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